Wednesday, January 15, 2014

P90X 2/90

I started P90X on Monday. First workout is cheat/ back and ab ripper. You do push ups pull ups over and over again. I have to use a chair for pull ups and do girlie push ups, but have felt that my muscles worked since right after the workout. I will only improve from here!

It is a little challenging going from 30 minute workouts to an hour. Body Revolution was so fast paced and in P90X you have water breaks and times where I've done my reps but they are still finishing so I am starting to forward through.

I could not do a lot of the Ab Ripper workout. I modified a lot. I am just not strong enough. I can't wait to see some improvement on it. You do it three times a week so I should build up faster. I have not done day 3 yet and I am feeling some soreness in my abs from Monday.

I did not get my workout in yesterday. I am going to continue the schedule and do plyometrics on Sunday to make it up.

I started a new round of Bod4God at church on Sunday. I really hope to get my eating down really good and add some afternoon workout to P90X to kill more calories. Winner gets a cash prize and I want that!

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