Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Body Revolution week 3 workout 3

Ugh! I did workout 3 again after my run. I didn't do my workout on Thursday and Friday, so trying to get back onboard made this a tough workout. I still.cannot even attempt the plank to sunrise move in this workout and other than holding a plank I don't know what to do to modify. I guess I will just keep going, doing what I can do, and try to stay on schedule.

My.husband and I went walking last night. So that made 3 workouts for me on Monday. I used my cardio trainer app and checked the mileage around the block. We did 1.7 miles in 30 minutes. It averaged to about 17 minute miles. My husband said he can tell a big difference in my speed and endurance. I could, too. Although I was tired starting out, but didn't ever feel winded or like it was too much. It was encouraging after feeling like I am still struggling with my body revolution and not keeping up. I know I am improving.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Couch to 5k week 1 day 3

I didn't get my last run in last week so today got week 1 day 3 run in. I've figured it out that I can do Mon, Wed, Fri this week and sun, Tue, thurs, sat next week to catch up. Of coarse, that Sunday run will be hard to make myself get up to do.

I had bloating and gas type rib pain all night and woke up with a pain in my ribs this morning. We ate at PF Chang's and although they had a gluten free menu I think I got a little. I wasn't sure if I would be able to run this morning. I almost talked myself out of it, but finally decided to try. I am already behind and have my goal to finish before we go to Italy. And I want to lose weight so bad.

I changed my route to see if it was less hilly. It didn't seem to have as many hills, but run six was on a pretty good incline. I needed to pause and walk an extra minute. I did the rest without pausing for walks. I don't see any way I will be able to do 3 minute runs next week. I am nervous, but all I can do is try and keep improving.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Couch to 5K week 1 day 2

I was supposed to run yesterday but I had not recovered from double workouts on Monday and Tuesday so I figured I would take a rest day. It was also raining. I pushed it back a day so I will run Thursday and Saturday instead. Great to have a little wiggle room.

It was a tough run. I was determined to do it, but struggled some. My 6th run time was on the biggest incline in the neighborhood. I could not recover in the 90 seconds so I paused my app and walked about another 90 seconds until I wasn't huffing so much. On my 8th run I was on another incline. I stopped at 30 seconds and walked. I paused it so I could complete that 30 second of that run time and finish. I did all the run times just added about 2-3 minutes of recovery walk time in. Not that bad I guess.

I am trying to figure out what to eat and drink to help my recovery. I realized I havent been drinking my water. I sweat like crazy during my Body Revolution and running. So, I am pushing water. I am taking 10000 units of vitamin D. I am having a protein drink or Greek yogurt within 30 minutes after each workout. I get protein 5-6 times a day. I couldn't sleep last night. I woke at 3:00. Gotta work on that.