Monday, August 27, 2012

New Challenge

I am trying to get started again. I went to the gym today (Monday) and walked. Working on fueling my body better and getting in water. I am going to go through a few rough days as I get the sugar out of my system. My group I am in has started a new challenge. This is ther 3rd week, but I am just starting today.

Breakfast- Kix cereal with milk (I know... sugar!)
mid meal- apple with peanut butter and a few grapes
Lunch- grilled pork chop, corn, green beans, lima beans
mid meal- skipped
Supper- taco salad

I went by the store and got eggs, bananas, and sweet potatoes so I can do better tomorrow.

This year has been so crazy. It started with me still healing from a compression fracture in my elbow. Dad was diagnosed with cancer in December so I was going back and forth to Atlanta to visit with them. I was doing really well with exercising and eating clean until Feb when I was visiting my brother unexpectantly had a massive stroke and died. After that I continued to go to Atlanta to see dad as often as I could, but just never got back on track. In June Dad passed away. Although he had cancer we were told it was one of the most treatable kind (lymphoma B) and it was a total surprise for him to not recover. I don't know.... I always find excuses and I hate that about myself. Then, in July I fell in the garden and my thumb came out of joint and  I tore the capsule at the joint and pulled ligaments and nerves. I am in my last week of therapy and have gained a lot of mobility, but still cannot hold a full glass or turn a doorknob and many other things. So, I have to take it easy.

I've home schooled all my kids until they start high school. My fourth entered 9th grade and we went ahead and put the last one in school also, starting 7th grade. So I find myself alone for the first time in 22 years, and 18 years of home schooling. It is a real adjustment. The kids started school last week. In so many ways I feel like someone who lost their job. Homeschooling and being a mom is all I've done for so long I feel I have to make a whole new life. I have tried to look at it as a opportunity to focus on me and do things I love like crafts, and sewing, and photography, and Bible study. Because I have had therapy on my hand three days a week and other appointments I haven't had a chance to get into a routine yet. But, I am planning to make daily exercise a priority.

For two weeks I am doing this:
Monday- Firm, walk/elliptical at night
Tuesday- Shred, walk
Wednesday- Weight machines, walk
Thursday- Tae Bo, walk
Friday- Firm, walk
Saturday- walk

I want to start the Couch to 5K in the 3rd week and hope my hand has more strength to add more weight for upper body. If not, I'll contiue to do what I can.

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