Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Body Revolution Day 2

Today I went to an all day art class in a town about an hour away. I had to get out early so didn't workout before going. I came home tired and that old voice started in on me to just not workout. To fit in an additional workout later in the week- yeah, ha,ha... that one is the one that ALWAYS gets me, but never happens. At 7:30 I decided that I made this commitment. I planned where I want to be in two weeks, a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year.... so I have to do my part today to reach those goals or in a year I will be right where I am. So I did it!

Workout 2 was a fun one for me. Workout 1 was shoulders, plank, bicycle crunches. Areas where I am weak. Workout 2 was biceps, back, lunges, deadlifts, and buttocks. I didn't have trouble with anything. It also doesn't have any tough cardio that pushes too hard. I think I need to up the weight on my biceps, because it wasn't pushing me. I used 5 lbs, so next time I will use 8 lbs. I was drenched in sweat again. Tomorrow cardio- ug, I hate cardio. But, when I did the Shred workout I could tell within a week how much I had built and was improving, so I will look forward to seeing myself improve.

My body feels so heavy. Like trunks. I can't wait to build the muscle and start losing the fat and get that good light strong feeling :) That will rock! And I can't wait to crunch up and not have a big ol roll in the way keeping me from going further. And can't wait to get a photo that I don't have to crop to make me look slimmer/less fat/hide my big ol booty. I am going to do this!

Breakfast- Chex cereal

Lunch: ham and cheese roll up with mustard (no bread), carrots with light ranch dressing as dip.

mid meal: fruit and nut bar

Supper: omelet with onion and 2 slices bacon, with a little cheddar sprinkled on.

I need to work on my meals, but am trying to do better.

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