Monday, July 29, 2013

Couch 25K week 1 day 1

For the first week I walk five minutes then run one minute and walk ninety seconds for eight sets, then walk five to cool down. I've tried to do the couch25K two times before, but have never been able to do even the first day completely. So, I am extremely happy to have been able to complete day one. I also have been on a flat track the other two times and today I just ran in my neighborhood. I think every single time I was to run it was an incline! In reading people who run on a treadmill really feel the difference when they run outside. They say its harder if you didn't pick up on that. I would have done the track but I don't know when the football players got to practice.

I may go to the greenway....a local trail that is a paved and flat. It is 4.4 miles from the parking lot to the end and back to the parking lot. There is another short section the other way if I need to add any distance.

To say I am slow is an understatement. When I was on my jog portion a lady caught up to me just as I went back into walking and she passed me. But, that's ok! I wore my heartrate monitor and burned 275 calories. I know I will only get better and as I gain endurance I can work on speed.

Time to go do my Body Revolution. I move up to workout 3&4 this week. I am going to do this!

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