Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Body Revolution week 3 day 1 &2

Yesterday I recovered from running and did workout 3 from Body Revolution. I still cannot do the plank to sunrise poses or the planks where you go on you elbows one at a time then back up on your hands. I try to find something else like holding a plank, but I can't hold it roo long either. I struggle to know whether to continue on or stick with workouts until I can do all of it. I wore my heartrate monitor and burned 325 calories. With my run that made 600 for the day.

Today I did workout 4. I feel no energy this morning. I sat around and tried my best to talk myself out of working out. I ate an egg and two pieces of bacon and waited an hour to workout. I still didn't have energy so I ate a mandarin orange. I just had to force myself to do it and it was a real struggle the whole time. I kept having to play mind games and know I was halfway and could do another 15 minutes, then had to break that down at 10 and 5 minutes left. I burned 325 calories.

My biggest motivator is that we leave for Italy in nine weeks. I hope to lose 30 lbs. and that is a huge goal. I can't make it I'd I start skipping workouts. I have to show up daily and work for it. I am in a 16 now and hope ro be in a size 12. If I lose I have some clothes I can take. In nine weeks I will get to the next to last week of Body Revolution which will have me do workout 11 & 12 twice each. I will also finish the Couch to 5K that last week. So, I don't have any wiggle room to miss workouts and try to get them in before leaving.

I need to figure out how to eat to recover and keep my energy level up. And keep away from sugar and chips! We celebrated my daughter's birthday last night and I ate a piece of cheesecake with Reeses cups as the crust. It was so good!

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