Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today not tomorrow

I went to the gym TWICE today. Yay, me! I am on fire! Ha,ha. I needed to do my weight workout so I went when we finished school for the day. Then, my husband and I went back tonight and I walked 25 minutes. I feel so good! I didn't ever get to the point of feeling tired/legs aching/any of that.

I didn't get all my food eaten today. I ate the almonds of my M2 (Meal 2) but didn't eat the yogurt. Then, I totally didn't eat my banana and peanut butter for M4. I ate vegetable beef soup before going to the gym to walk, but haven't eaten the salad. I got the banana with pb in after the gym, but don't think I can eat the salad. I am supposed to eat it through the day to get my metabolism going so I don't want to cram it all in tonight. I think I will set my timer tomorrow to remind myself to eat.

I took my before photos today. I knew it would be totally humiliating to see them and post them in the challenge for the other ladies to see. But, I had no idea the emotions that would come from seeing myself like that. To see the back and side view that you just don't get to see of yourself. I don't know, when I look in the mirror I don't see myself as bad as the photos show. A real eye opener. But, after being sick at my stomach, hurt, sad for the girl in the photo I told myself that I can either keep eating like I was, keep putting off the hard work of exercising, keep making excuses or I can look that girl in the eye and see the fat and misshapen body and use that as a driving force to do something, everything I can to change. So.... Hard work... Dedication... Dedication... Hard Work!

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