Monday, April 16, 2012

Firm Body Sculpt and Slim in Six Abs

I pulled the nail up on my toe over the weekend so couldn't do a full cardio workout. So, instead today I did the upper body portion of the Firm Body Sculpt tape. I also did the 10 minute ab video that goes with my Slim in 6 workouts.

I used to do the Firm tapes all the time. Back before I gained so much weight. I was doing these videos, the Windsor Pilates video, sometimes the Slim in 6 which uses resistance bands instead of hand weights, and I was walking 3 miles with a friend every day. Then, I got to swimming and worked up to 32 laps, which is 1/2 mile.

The Firm tapes are awesome. They combine cardio with weights. So many workouts for women are all cardio or don't encourage you to lift weights. With the Firm you can add weight and keep challenging yourself. Every time I have started over I can barely get through a workout.

I wasn't real thrilled with the 10 minute ab tape from Slim in 6. It is an extra tape, so I had never done it, but it was just ok, not super challenging. I think I will stick to the Firm Ab tape or Pilates or one that I've pulled out of Oxygen magazine.

I have to tighten up my diet this week and eat more clean. I got off at Easter and ate candy, chips, and icecream. Ok, the ice cream was LAST NIGHT! So, I am focusing on no sugar and really getting in my 5-6 meals and drinking a lot of water. I really struggle to eat every 3 hours. I get busy and forget. Going to set a timer.

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