Monday, April 9, 2012

New Challenge

The group I am in that is following the Eat Clean Diet started a new challenge. It is 12 weeks and isn't about the most weight, but the most overall change. It started last week, but I am starting today. I half heartily did it last week, knowing Easter was coming. But, today I am focused and ready to follow not eating sugar, drinking my water, eating small meals every 3 hours to keep my sugar levels right, and exercising. I need to run to Sams to get some Jeannie-O ground turkey so I can make some dishes up.

I am doing my FIRM Sculpt tape today. I have had to transfer it from VHS it is so old, but I love it. I have the double "fanny lifter" which is awesome. You use it one level for some exercises and double it for squat sits and lunges which really work your butt. It is a good overall toning video. You add weights as you improve to challenge your muscles. It is really hard and challenging for me. My son walked in while it was playing/recording to DVD and said, "YOU'RE going to do that?!?" That should tell you something, Ha, he thinks I am a sissy.

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