Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 15 and 16 Body Revolution

On Monday, my 15th day of Body Revolution, I tried to exercise but as I started I just had zero energy. It started with jumping jacks as the 3rd and 4th week add more jumping. I was just so lethargic I knew I was going to injure myself so I quit and decided to do it after eating lunch. Well, I threw up the rest of the day so I never did my workout.
Yesterday, I also didn't workout. I met my lifelong friend from 1st grade at Little River Canyon for some hiking. She lives in Atlanta so LRC was about an hour and 45 minutes for both of us. It was a beautiful day and the park is so gorgeous.
She posted this photo on Facebook for all to see. I've avoided full body shots, always cropping to make myself less noticeable fluffy. Well, everyone know knows I am extra fluffy :( I've tried hard to work on my inner dialogue and not talk to or about myself in a way I would not talk to a friend. I am really struggling this morning looking at this photo.

So, what would I tell a friend that was struggling after seeing a fluffy photo??? I have been doing what I can by exercising and eating a lot better. And I did something active. I knew that I am not in the best of shape and may be slower and get winded, but I did it! I had a great time being out in nature.... seeing where the trail would take me. I am doing all I can each and every day to move forward. Yes, I am sad I have let myself do this to my body. Sad that the real me inside doesn't match the outer me. That the outer me holds me back. So, this photo will be motivation to continue on. I will not give up and settle with "this" for the rest of my life. I will conquer and I will win!

 This is Little River Falls that is viewed from an observation deck right off Highway 35. During the winter the water is deep enough for kayaks and there are a lot of kayakers that go off this fall.... eek!
 This is Little Martha Falls. We hiked from the parking area at Little River Falls about a mile to Little Martha Falls. In the summer it is called the Redneck  swimming hole. I didn't get a photo but it forms a pool area at the bottom of the drop.

My plan since I missed two days of Body Revolution is to do workout 3 this morning and workout 4 tonight, cardio tomorrow, then 3 and 4 again Friday, and cardio again Saturday. That may be too much, though, so I will have to try it today and see. In weeks 1 and 2 it is low impact. Weeks 3 and 4 add in some jumping so is a little more stressful on the body. I am still struggling with lack of energy so don't know if I can push that.

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