Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 3 Day 17 and 18 Body Revolution

Wednesday was cardio day. I am really feeling my quads after the hike on  Tuesday and all the squats from the challenge. It isn't so bad you can't make it down to sit on the toilet, ha,ha... don't you hate that? When you want to die trying to get down onto the potty? It is that good-sore that shows you worked your muscles.

I don't think I mentioned I fell when we were hiking? I can't remember. Anyway... at the end of the trail it had a pretty good decline to a slate rock area that had a another waterfall. The whole side of the river was almost like steps with an incline of the slate and had multiple areas where little mini water flows were coming off the mountain into the river so it had a lot of wet rock areas that were very slippery. I carefully walked across the wet area to get to the side of the waterfall to view it and on my way back.... BAM! I face planted. You know how you see falls in slow motion? Well, I had none of that. One second I was on my feet and the next I was on my belly sliding down the rock towards the water watching my cell phone that I had in my hand that landed right in the stream of water coming down the rock. To top it off there were two different groups of people who were at the falls. So, I started nervously laughing. I was totally wet all down my front and a little muddy and embarrassed. Luckily I have an Otter Box on my phone and water had seeped under it and was on the screen. I quickly removed the Otter Box and gave it to Jamey to dry the screen (because I didn't have any dry shirt) It was okay. Oh, I have to laugh at myself, I am such a klutz.

Thursday, I am still just struggling with extreme tiredness. I took another 50000 units of Vit D and I am trying to drink a lot of water. I started doing my Body Revolution, workout 3, but after the jumping jacks two times, crazy walk out plank, jumping rope, etc I was so tired so I only did half the video. After exercising I ate a mandarin orange and immediately started throwing up again (I did this Monday) It wasn't right after exercising, like 20 minutes later. I don't know what is going on. I don't feel nauseated, it just comes over me all of the sudden and I don't make it to the bathroom. When I eat it feels like it is all sitting in my chest area so I think my Hiatal Hernia is acting up and just pushing food back up. I don't know.... sorry to be gross.  I made a pasta salad with gluten free spaghetti noodles, smoked sausage, steamed broccoli, and Italian dressing. I was hoping the carbs would help my energy.

We had a really bad storm with tornadoes Thursday. All the school systems got out at 12:30 except ours so I went and got the kids out early. We had sirens go off for a little while. I cleaned out the downstairs closet so we could jump in if we needed to, but I didn't see anything. They said a "bookend" tornado was spotted about 6 miles from us heading our way. It just didn't touch down in our area. After it passed us there was damage about 6-10 miles the other side of us. Thank God we were spared any damage. My daughter had to go to work right in the middle of it, so I was worried about her.

I got my 2nd letter from my son in boot camp yesterday. It is so good to hear from him. His knee is bothering him and he is going to have to go to medical if he isn't able to run with it. That could slow his graduation date. I am going to go get him some sunscreen he asked for today and get it in the mail. He can't have any food, or they will just put it up until graduation, so I don't know what else I can get him. He sounds good. He loves the towers and fighting and stuff. He says he has increased his push up, run, and sit up times. He also says he is staying away from any junk food and eating really healthy. So proud of him. I hope when we go for graduation I will have lost about 25 lbs. I don't know anymore, I am not losing as much as I try!

My mindset is changing. I keep thinking of how fun it would be to meet friends at different trails around here and hike for fun. I am planning on going to  different ones on the weekends with the family and enjoying doing all the different trails. That is huge! Activity and exercise are becoming something I look forward to and enjoy! I have decided to repeat week 3 next week. I am going to go ahead and do workout 4 today (Friday) and just count next week as week 3 again. I haven't had a good workout day this week and don't want to move on until I am doing it all so I don't injure myself. Oh, I did 100 squats Thursday. The challenge went from 80 to 100. I didn't see that until I pulled it up to see what I was supposed to do. Yikes, that is so boring after about 25. I did a set of 40 then later did a set of 30 and then another 30 later on.

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